Travana Networks has put in place strategic partnerships with other carriers to offer secure network services, Internet access, VOIP access, and Data Center services to our clients North America wide.


With Travana Networks as your managed network service provider  Voice Over, Video over and Cloud computing  can become a reality.  The only capital investment necessary is the cost of the handsets, analog to VOIP converters, video control equipment and Workstations capable of connecting to the service.




With this approach the return on the investment is immediate if compared to the installation of traditional on premise systems.  The real cost saver is the deployment, integration, and implementation of on premise equipment compared to our ZERO intrusive approach.  We can extend the network to other areas easily and link the entire company with one system.




Video Conferencing: 
  •          Deployment of true video conferencing for the enterprise
  •          Full bi-directional video and audio for the boardroom


Hosted Business Centric Applications: (Cloud Computing)


  • Hosted Exchange
  • Active Sync with Windows Mobile Phones
  • Hosted Quick Book
  • Hosted Simply
  • Hosted AccPac
  • Hosted Great Plains
  • Hosted MSSQL Service
  • Hosted Oracle Services
  • Full cloud computing capabilities for virtual office in a box (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • File Storage for file connected to the cloud for My Documents
  • Online file backup and recovery


Make deployments of new offices or home workers in minutes not months as with other providers.    


To learn more about our commitment to security:
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