The ERS system has been developed locally and installed by Travana Networks; a Nova Scotia based IT firm.  The ERS is designed specifically for the Health Care and Education market places.


With the ERS system in place Evergreen Home for Special Care has taken patient response, internal facility communications and external communications to a whole new level.


ERS is based on VOIP and WIFI technology putting the nursing staff and residents in direct contact with each other.  The nurse no longer needs to look for lights and listen for buzzers. The nursing staff now has mobile WIFI VOIP Phones connected to the resident notification system.  Devices such as pendants worn by the resident, pressure sensing pads for roll out of bed/ fall out of chair sensing, bedside push cords, and washroom pull cords let the nurse know exactly where the call is coming from via caller_id technology.  With in-room wall mounted notification units the nurse can communicate with the resident's instantly and prioritize the resident's needs, enabling the nursing staff to work as a team in their designated work groups.


With the integrated administrative option installed at Evergreen the nursing staff, senior nursing, RN's, maintenance, and administrative staff are in instant contact with each other at a push of a button or a dial of an extension.


Fred Houghton, the administrator of Evergreen Home for Special Care has identified the unique benefit of having the ERS system installed at the facility.  Having the staff mobile with assigned extensions on the system puts each workgroup in touch with any other workgroup on the system.  When a nurse is looking for medication or a device that is not readily at hand the nurse only need dial the group number and this puts the nurse in instant contact with their team to locate the item.  "No longer does the nurse need to go looking for the device, medication, maintenance, administrative staff or person(s) throughout the building.  This has significantly increased our performance levels and reduced human resource requirements."


Travana has installed the VOIP telephone network option at Evergreen allowing the team to communicate with family members, Doctors, Government Facilities, Pharmacies, and any other person(s) or external partners outside the facility.  Features such as voicemail, inbound and outbound conferencing, auto attendants, facilitates staff members in their role of caring for the resident.


Evergreen Home for Special Care, is a leader in its field and only Travana Networks was able to fill the need for such an Advanced Emergency Response and Nurse Call System of this nature.


Evergreen Home for Special Care has purchased the Digital notification option of the ERS system which will put 42" LCD monitors throughout the facility giving visual alerts and warnings as well as Menu and Activities of the day.


The ERS system is not only for nursing but has been adapted for the Education industry as well.  We have coined the system CampusComTM which puts students, faculty, and family members in touch with one another.  With events like the one recently in the news, the CampusComTM system becomes a tool for our teachers to increase communications, reduce risk and stress in the work place.


With Travana Networks I.T. is truly all about the Network.


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