Emergency Response and Readiness System

Travana Networks is please to announce the release of CampusComTM.  The complete emergency response system designed to discretely notify students, faculty, campus security, and Public Officials of an imminent or in progress threat.  In today's connected world instant notification to multiple end-points and devices simultaneously is CampusCom.

CampusComTM is truly the solution for today's emergency response readiness.  Boasting five nines reliability and based on tradition telephony devices and a myriad of hybrid technologies.   This type of integration will always insure that notification will reach the intended recipient, faculty, security and public officials.

Additional Features:


  1. Completely expandable to even the largest campuses 50,000 users +
  2. Integrates existing infrastructure in the design
  3. Ability to be deployed at the Telco and customer premise
  4. Message Tracking via a web based interface
  5. Discrete messaging designed to reduce mass panic in a volatile situation
  6. Wandering integration
  7. Entry and Exit alarms using presence technology
  8. Ability to deploy wireless LAN devices such as tablets, PDA, and Laptops with integrated wireless VOIP
  9. Integrate Wireless or Wired TV broadcasting.



The system is comprised of devices that are designed to trigger events based on a number of integrated technologies designed to deliver the complete protection of campus students and staff.  With the ability to trigger multiple events for different call codes the system can be adjusted to not only deliver threat notification but via additional non emergency buttons can easily be triggered to play back menu and activities, system wide messages, or faculty notifications in the lounge.




New Technologies

The CampusComTM system uses new wireless VOIP technology to deliver an even higher level of response by utilizing specifically designed handsets that allow for One Button Emergency call to be placed to the same call sequencer thus initiating the system to notify.  Advanced technology in the wireless VOIP device allows for advanced programming of a person down situation and then initiate and emergency call to either the same call sequencer or an additional path.  Softkeys on the WIFI VOIP unit are programmable to follow additional dial paths.  These paths include but not limited to one button call to the administrative office, voicemail collection, access menu of the day, and access scheduled events.

CampusComTM is designed to use multiple platform types of input and output devices these devices include the use of IP DECT, Analog Wireless, Paging Enabled Devices, Instant Messaging systems and Email enabled devices.

A powerful emergency response outbound mass message delivery notification system. It ensures fast contact between institutions, Public Relations or Safety Teams and their targeted or mandated contact groups.


Capable of rapid outbound calling campaigns literally 1000's of different telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses, with multiple calling groups, each with its own set of dialing rules. CampusComTM  is designed to call each member of each group and deliver a pre-recorded voice, voice to e-mail, text based email or SMS message. If it is unable to deliver that message it will keep trying until its program tells it to stop, and each time it tries a delivery it logs the time, date and numbered attempts.

The rack mount industrial class server based outbound notification system has been developed to provide fast, manageable calling campaigns to thousands of telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses, in a very short period of time.

Use CampusComTM  to perform all out-bound dialing campaigns for emergency or public awareness reasons. No need to hire dedicated individuals to perform this task. Simply click a button, record or type a message, and let CampusComTM do the rest.


Database driven

Implementing the data base module, All you do is upload the list of names, numbers and addresses from the corporate database, set the dialing rules around each number or household, and you are ready to immediately administer or coordinate an outbound dialing campaign.



 Ready for Emergency Response

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