Travana Networks is on the leading edge in providing our customers with world class converged network topologies and solutions. Travana Networks has deployed a wide variety of data, voice and video networks North America wide.

Small, Medium and Enterprise customers have come to rely on Travana Network's ability to bring together diverse networks and converged solutions.

Travana Networks has recently opened its new Data Center and NOC in Ketch Harbor, Nova Scotia.  With multiple carriers grade central Media Gateways in a fully redundant facility. With this capacity Travana is able to extend its fiber connectivity to Europe, Boston, and New York with terrestrial direct fiber extending to Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo NY and as far south as Atlanta, GA.

Travana Networks has put in place strategic partnerships with other carriers to offer secure network services, Internet access, VOIP access, and Data Center services to our clients North America wide.

With Travana Networks as your VOIP solutions provider the only capital investment necessary is the cost of the handsets and analog to VOIP converters.

Deployment of new DID's and new extension are easily completed.  No re-wiring of existing connections this enables the use of existing infrastructure. 

With this approach the return on the investment is immediate if compared to the installation of a traditional on premise systems.  The real cost saver is the deployment, integration, and implementation of on premise equipment compared to our ZERO intrusive approach.  We can extend the network to other areas easily and link the entire company with one system from coast to coast or continent to continent.



VOIP System Capabilities:

  • Fully integrated VOIP switching from PSTN to VOIP.
  • voipUnlimited Auto Attendants based on incoming DID's. This would allow each location to have its own customized attendant.
  • Unlimited Conference Center for 1800 terminated to PSTN then VOIP.
  • Web Based Console for extension programming.
  • Unlimited AC agents.
  • 800 numbers terminated to DID's can be routed to groups for inbound Sales and Call Center activities.
  • Unlimited Voicemail storage per user based on available data storage. There can be a quota setup per user for maximum voicemail storage.
  • Voicemail folders for sorting Voicemail into personal folders.
  • Voicemail toEmail integration this includes Microsoft Exchange environments.
  • Road Warrior ready network utilizing numerous IP Softphone technologies integrated with mobile devices such as Bluetooth enabled Laptops and PDA's. Utilizing Hotspot WIFI technologies or in house wireless infrastructures.
  • Secure Wireless VOIP handset/extension with push to talk infrastructure.
  • Easy VOIP deployment and integration
  • CDR (Call detail record reporting)


Hosted Business Centric Applications: (Cloud Computing)

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Active Sync with Windows Mobile Phones
  • Hosted Quick Book
  • Hosted Simply
  • Hosted AccPac
  • Hosted Great Plains
  • Full cloud computing capabilities for virtual office in a box (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • File Storage for file connected to the cloud for My Documents
  • Online file backup and recovery


Deploy Travana Networks integrated network WIFI system and deploy a truly mobile solution that delivers extension anywhere technology. 

Deploy Mobile Management to enable the management team to truly traverse the enterprise from Main office to braches.  With VOWIFI deployed it's as easy as turning on your phone when you walk into the office.

Deploy Mobile Warehouse with push to talk technology imbedded into the VOIP topology with the ability to communicate a touch of a button.

Deploy Team Mobile to enable any member of the team to move from office to home office seamlessly.























·         TEIR 1 facility

·         Fully self sufficient 48 VDC data center with triple redundant 800 mega watt diesel generators

·         State of the art fiber network facility

·         Fully redundant network switching environment

·         Carrier Grade 99.999% network core

·         Multi terabyte data storage environment

·         Multi Layer intrusive packet inspection

·         Multi Private Layer 2 network extensions ability

·         Secure facility with locking gates and magnetic card access

·         Fiber network ring covering Europe, Canada and the US with terrestrial direct fiber extending to Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo NY and as far south as Atlanta, GA

·         6 Month online capacity during weather or non-weather disaster events.

·         Carrier grade media gateway servers for delivery of VOIP solutions